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​​​​ Suing For Credit Card Debts Is Big Business.
The business model is simple – file a lot of collection lawsuits with the expectation that most people will do nothing so the law firm can get a default judgment. With a default judgment in hand, the collection lawyer can force payment through wage garnishments, bank account levies, and more.
It’s a profitable model for these collection lawyers. In fact, nearly 98% of all people who get sued for a credit card debt take no action whatsoever. Some people are confused about what to do, others simply shrug and figure there’s nothing they can do.
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Creditor Lawsuits


  The founding principals of our company realized the need for a more personal, customized approach to the tax relief our clients seek, rather than the assembly line technique that is the norm within this industry.
   You will speak directly with a tax attorney who will provide you with a free, confidential consultation to determine whether we can provide assistance to you. You may then make an informed decision without any undue pressure from us. We understand that having a tax problem is a very personal and oftentimes stressing matter, and we hope to establish an honest and open working relationship that is not based on false hopes, unreasonable promises, or intimidation tactics.

Foreclosure Defense

Save Your Home From Foreclosure – get a Free Consultation.
There are several means by which a foreclosure defense can be formed, however, every situation is different and only after an evaluation can your options be determined.
Superior Document Services offers a FREE Consultation to review your case and provide you all the information necessary to make an informed decision. 
Contact the foreclosure defense team at Superior Document Services today and let us show you how you might save your home from foreclosure.
Superior Document Services works throughout Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware and Philadelphia Counties and are here to help, no matter how desperate your situation.

IRS Defense

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Our Mission is to help our clients achieve their financial goals with the relentless pursuit of the best resolutions for individuals with credit liabilities. We maintain an unwavering commitment to our clients best interests.

Superior Document Services was founded on the core values of honesty, professionalism and excellence as we strive to make a difference for the individuals we serve. Our focus is on results, allowing our clients to pursue and accomplish their goals. Everything we do supports our mission and the inherent values that make it possible.

                                   DOING NOTHING IS A TERRIBLE IDEA.